Story 9
David Pham

From jenbrill

Love this theme! The customer service is platinum level. I had many questions and needed help with multiple things since I am new to Shopify. They always answered my questions very quickly and fixed many things for me that I could not figure out. They are awesome!

Story 8
Dinh Nghia Tran

From smallanditalian5

The theme is really, really gorgeous and super flexible. I love customizing themes and this one made it really easy to do. I've purchased 2 Apollo Theme themes so far and been happy with both of them. Their customer support is amazing as well - just email them and they'll help you out.

Story 7
Kenny Sang

From books2world

\Fantastic them, and awesome customer support. Quick to respond and did everything i asked with perfection. Highly recommend these guys. Very professional

Story 6
David Pham

From rossclurman

Solid theme, a few things I would like to see changed, but OUTSTANDING customer service and support. They fixed my problem within an hour and they are very easy to deal with. Highly recommend this dev.

Story 5

I love the theme and after purchase the developer was EXTREMELY helpful with a couple of questions and tweaks I needed to make. Will buy from them again!!